The Races

While we are in England, we will be competing in two different races, the Reading Amateur Regatta and the Henley Women’s Regatta. Both events are held on a 1500m course, which takes 5-6 minutes to row in a 4, in contrast to the 2000m races used at the collegiate level in the US. Additionally, both regattas are held on two-lane courses, so Bowdoin crews must beat every boat they race against to advance to the final.

The Reading Amateur Regatta, held on Saturday, April 14th, is composed of some 180 entries and is considered one of the best preparatory races for those competing at Henley the next weekend. There, the Gibbons crew will be racing in the highest-tier race, the Women’s Elite 4+, in the hopes of winning the Janet Snow Trophy. They will have a heat at 3:45pm GMT against local rivals Thames RC and, if they win, they will advance on to the final at 6:15pm GMT against Boston-based Riverside Boat Club.

Gibbons' Racing at Reading

The Women’s Elite 4+ Draw, Reading

The Brown crew will be racing in the Women’s Intermediate 4+ event against an entirely British pool. They will have a heat at 11:14am GMT against Thames RC. If they win, they will advance on to a semifinal against the victor of the Marlow RC/Agecroft heat at 3:33pm GMT. Winning this 2nd round will allow them to advance on to the final, which will be held at 6:09pm GMT.


Brown's racing at Reading

The Women’s Intermediate 1B 4+ Draw, Reading

Our incredible sculler, Liza Tarbell, will be competing in the Women’s Intermediate 1x event. Her heat will be at 10:08 am GMT against Thames RC, and if she wins the race, she will advance on to a semifinal at 1:56 pm GMT against Wallingford RC. A 2nd win would allow her to compete in the final at 5:12pm GMT.

Liza's racing at Reading

The Women’s Intermediate 1x Draw, Reading

Henley Women’s Regatta, one of the most prestigious women’s rowing races, will be from Friday, June 20th to Sunday, June 22nd and will feature 1,615 athletes from the UK, Europe, the Pacific, and the US. Both the Brown and the Gibbons will compete in Senior 4+ event, with the goal of winning the Frank V Harry Cup. On Friday, the Gibbons will race Thames RC at 4:06pm GMT and the Brown will race Henley RC at 4:54pm. If the crews win, they will advance to the quarterfinals on Saturday. There, the Gibbons would race the victor of the Oxford Brookes/Yale race at 5:40pm and the Brown would race the Thames RC/Riverside victor at 5:48pm. Semifinals for the two boats would be held on Sunday at 11:18am GMT and 11:22am, respectively, with a final at 2:50pm.

Henley Racing

The Senior 4+ Draw, Henley Women’s Regatta

Thank you all so much for your support, and LET’S GO BLACK!!


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